Goodgame embarks on its BIG ‘Plant a Tree’ charity event

Goodgame Studios’ beloved farm simulation game BIG FARM: Mobile Harvest will help players plant 10,000 trees in the Amazon rainforest to help tackle deforestation after the recent wildfires. This initiative is part of Goodgame’s ongoing commitment to the environment and the fifth and largest charity event to be funded through player engagement within BIG FARM: Mobile Harvest. Previous events have helped support the cleaning of the Ocean through collaboration with non-profit organisation Healthy Seas, and a ‘Save the Bees’ event in partnership with the Deutsche Wildtier Stiftung.

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Run for a good cause: Team Good Gains supports “Kinder helfen Kindern”!

Hamburg, June 02, 2019 – best weather and shorts, a perfect fit for this year’s Hamburg Commercial Bank Run and some of our great colleagues at Goodgame Studios took part as well.

Team Good Gains proved to be dauntless and ran the necessary four kilometers to the finish with time to spare.

For all participants it was a great experience to run through the magical Hamburg Hafencity and as always the motto was “to be there is everything”. The fun factor was gigantic and the calendar entry “fitness training” could be ticked off successfully.

We would like to thank all members of Team Good Gains for their great commitment.